Q: How does this work?
A: After creating an account and deposit made, we will provide you the account ID and password with your fund at your preferred Casinos. You can withdraw your fund any time you like through our website.

Q: How do I deposit?
A: We have a list of major banks (Malaysian banks only) for your deposit convenience. You can deposit anytime, and we will credit the fund into your account within minutes.

Q: I do not have the banking requirements needed to deposit
A: Please contact our customer support. We will try our best to help you make your payment.

Q: When can I withdraw?
A: You can withdraw at any time. Kindly refer to the Banking page for Transaction Timeline and Limits.

Q: How soon can I start playing?
A: You can start playing within minutes after we have processed your deposit.

Q: Why was my account banned or suspended?
A: Your Win88cash account may have been banned or suspended for multiple reasons. Please contact our customer support. We will help you resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Q: Why can't I access the games website?
A: Our website may sometimes be blocked in some countries or regions. Please contact our Customer Support for assistance.

Q: What happens if I am suddenly disconnected from the Internet while I play?
A: Please do not panic if you get disconnected from the Internet while you are in a middle of a game. You will be logged out after a certain period of inactivity. If you manage to reconnect before you are logged out, the type of game you were playing determines what you will see upon reconnection.

Q: How can I change my personal information?
A: Please provide accurate Information while you register (example: Email, Full Name, Address, Bank details) and make sure all your account details are correct. We will use your email address or phone number for verification purposes if you wish to change your personal information.

Q: What are the currencies accepted by Win88cash?
A: Only Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) is accepted by Win88cash at the moment.

Q: Personal information secure?
A: Win88cash will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless required to do so by applicable laws and regulations or a court order. We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your personal data to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions to the extent necessary for the completion of payments for services provided through our website. All personal information supplied by users is transmitted and stored in secure operating environments that are not accessible by the public. Internal access to all data is limited and strictly monitored.